Morel and Lanctôt Partner Up to Create Morel Canada

Morel and Canadian distributor, Lanctôt, who specializes in optical and sports gear, recently became partners to form a new subsidiary: Morel Canada. This choice was obvious for both parties, who have been working together for 20 years now.

Just like Morel, Lanctôt is a family owned business. Started in 1953, the company first specialized in distributing sports gear. Ambitious and conscientious, Lanctôt quickly became the leader in its field, before expanding to optical wear. It’s at this very moment that Lanctôt met Morel: it was the start of their partnership.

Being established on the international stage has been deeply rooted in Morel’s DNA since 1880. Throughout the years, Morel has been making strong connections with distributors who share the same values: attentive listening, impeccable service and a strong taste for beautifully designed products. Today, the brand is sold in more than 90 countries and owns a dozen of subsidiaries throughout the world.

With the creation of Morel Canada, Morel is planning on turning the brand into a staple for this new territory, using not only their expertise in eyewear but also Lanctôt’s knowledge in the Canadian market.

Morel Canada’s sales team will be the preferred and direct contacts of Canadian opticians, in order to best represent Morel, their philosophy and what they’re offering:

  • A new branding
  • Complementary collections
  • Their values, such as independence, creativity and drive
  • Proximity with opticians

Click HERE for the full press release.

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